Setting the maximum memory in Fiji

It is possible to adapt the memory settings in Fiji in order to release more RAM for the use of the software. However, keep in mind, that also the operating system needs memory (RAM) and if you maximize the memory settings, that no other software should run in parallel when using Fiji.

How to edit the memory settings in Fiji:

—> Edit —> Options —> Memory & Threads

One Reply to “Setting the maximum memory in Fiji”

  1. Paavo Bergmann says:

    Anyone encountered the strange behaviour (on iMacPro), that FiJi requires a restart, but once you check the setting after restart, every time you start FiJi again, the number is reduced by ~5GB, until you reach a point where, e.g., a previously saved WEKA classifier can not run anymore, and crashes with a Java OutOfMemory exception? Is it a problem of iMac, java or FiJi?

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